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No one should have to decide if they can afford life-saving healthcare for themselves or their families. But right now, thousands of South Dakotans are stuck in the middle. They can’t get insurance through their jobs, and they can’t afford insurance on their own because costs are sky high.

Voting yes on Amendment D means hardworking South Dakotans who make less than $19,000 per year will be able to get healthcare – farmers, ranchers, near-retirees, small business owners who can’t afford health care for themselves or their employees.

How will we pay for it? Right now, Washington politicians send $328 million of South Dakota’s tax dollars to 37 other states to pay for their health care instead. Amendment D keeps our tax dollars in South Dakota, to help OUR communities – without raising taxes.

Amendment D will create more than 4,000 new jobs, including thousands of health care jobs, and it will generate $3.5 billion in new economic output in South Dakota by 2025 – including $800 million in 2023 alone.

Doctors, nurses, EMTs and rural healthcare providers support Amendment D, because it will strengthen rural hospitals and clinics, and make it easier for people in rural South Dakota to access health care.

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