South Dakotans are Ready for Medicaid Expansion

South Dakotans Decide Healthcare, a broad coalition of patient advocates, nurses, healthcare providers, farmers, faith leaders, educators, and more, are ready for November, and prepared to pass Constitutional Amendment D to ensure Medicaid expansion comes to our state.

Zach Marcus, Campaign Manager for South Dakotans Decide Healthcare, said the campaign is prepared for this important campaign, “Medicaid expansion is a great deal for South Dakota.  We will bring hundreds of millions of our dollars back home, and make 40,000 of our friends and neighbors newly eligible for affordable health care. When voters understand what Medicaid expansion does, they support our ballot measure in huge numbers. We are prepared to ensure every voter in South Dakota understands the immense benefits this will bring for our state.”

Doug Sombke, President of South Dakota Farmers Union, and member of the South Dakotans Decide Healthcare coalition said, “Medicaid expansion will be a crucial opportunity for farmers and ranchers across South Dakota to accept affordable healthcare coverage for the first time. Too many families have had to give up generations of farming and move to cities in order to afford health care. This will allow farmers and their families to keep tradition alive and keep taking advantage of the opportunities living in rural communities provides.”

David Benson, South Dakota government relations director for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network said, “This year, thousands of South Dakotans will hear some of the worst words imaginable: You have cancer. The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network works with families to advocate for treatment options and to ensure a cancer diagnosis isn’t a path straight to bankruptcy. We know how to save lives from cancer.  And we know how to save money on health care costs.  Ensuring that low-income working South Dakota families have access to health care coverage – especially during tough times – is an important first step.”

South Dakotans Decide Healthcare has been endorsed by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, AARP South Dakota, South Dakota State Medical Association, South Dakota Nurses Association, South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations, South Dakota Education Association, South Dakota Farmers Union, Community Healthcare Association of the Dakotas, Great Plains Tribal Leader’s Health Board, Avera Health, Monument Health, Sanford Health, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, South Dakota Faith in Public Life, and more. It is one of the broadest coalitions to ever launch a ballot measure campaign in the state’s history.


For more information:
Zach Marcus
Campaign Manager
South Dakotans Decide Healthcare
(605) 215-1393