Get the Facts

Voting Yes on Amendment D means thousands of hardworking South Dakotans who earn less than $19,000 per year will be able to access health coverage. These folks are stuck in the middle – they can’t get insurance through their jobs, and they can’t afford insurance on their own because costs are sky high. Amendment D will help farmers, ranchers, near-retirees, and small business owners and their employees.

Right now, Washington politicians send $328 million of South Dakota’s tax dollars to California, New York and 37 other states to pay for their healthcare instead of ours. Amendment D keeps those tax dollars in South Dakota, to pay for health care here.

By keeping our tax dollars here and providing health coverage to thousands of hardworking South Dakotans who are currently stuck in the coverage gap, Amendment D will generate an estimated $3.5 billion in new economic output by 2025, including $800 million by 2023 alone. It will also create thousands of jobs, including thousands of health care jobs, and strengthen rural hospitals and clinics.

No. Medicaid expansion more than pays for itself by keeping our tax dollars in South Dakota instead of sending them to California, New York and 37 other states instead. It will create thousands of jobs and generate billions in new economic activity.  In fact, South Dakota’s Legislative Research Council estimates that Amendment D will result in $63 million in savings in the first two years alone.

According to a recent poll conducted by Glen Bolger, one of the Republican Party’s leading pollsters on behalf of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, 62% of likely South Dakota voters support Amendment D. The campaign is backed by a broad coalition of patient advocates, nurses, healthcare providers, farmers, ranchers, faith leaders, educators, business leaders, republicans, democrats, and many more. You can see the full list of endorsements here, and read our recent news coverage here.

Yes, the vast majority of states have expanded Medicaid, including nearly all of South Dakota’s neighbors. It’s time for South Dakota to join them. Expanding Medicaid will help keep South Dakota competitive, and ensure that no one will have to leave the state because they can’t afford the cost of health care.